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What Our Clients Are Saying

“So thankful for Bob! He showed us new and better ways to track our revenue and connected that to our quarterly and annual goals in ways that used to take us hours to calculate. He also provided 1:1 coaching to the leadership team to make sure each of us had our own questions answered about the new process, which led to a million incremental improvements. Highly recommended!” 

           - Charlene Blohm | President at CB&A an Education Marketing Communications company

“Bob's a joy to work with! He worked with us at Bendyworks, helping structure our sales strategy, pipeline, use of HubSpot and other tools. He had a great positive impact over the engagement, and I won't hesitate to reach out to him again where it makes sense in the future, as I'm confident we'll benefit greatly from engaging Bob again once as we grow, mature, and tune our sales processes and habits.” 

          - Stephen Anderson | Founder at Bendyworks and Board Member of Entrepreneurs'  Organization Wisconsin.

“I highly recommend Bob. He is wonderful to work with as he is kind, dedicated, organized, and knowledgeable. With his expertise, many improvements were implemented with ease. A few examples being messaging, department processes, outreach, & sales coaching. These improvements led to direct ROI.” 

          - Ashley Tabbert |  Vice President of Global Partnerships  at Beam Healthcare

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