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What We Do

Midwest Sales Consultants

Midwest Sales Consultants helps clients from all industries create sustainable revenue growth by building great sales organizations, attacking the right markets with a successful strategy, structure, talent, and accountability.


Choose Midwest Sales Consultants to utilize and leverage Bob's sales leadership and experience, allowing you to run your business, and Bob to build and run your sales team!!



♦ Expertly assess your current sales team, processes and tools.

♦ Work onsite each week leading, developing, coaching & driving your sales team.

♦ Install best practices increasing sales readiness and effectiveness.

♦ Evaluate your talent and compensation structure, and Hire when needed.

♦ Build Sales Plans, CRM effectiveness, Long-term Revenue Forecasting, Defined Sales Process and much more to help you win!



♦ Work onsite as your Fractional VP of Sales 1/2 day 1, 2 or 3 days per week.

♦ Deliver under a written and detailed Scope of Work (SOW) with schedule and timelines.

♦ Create accountability, discipline & culture.


For a FREE sales consultation, please give me a call at 630.258.4106

Our Team

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